The Second Jungle Book - Goofs

1. Morning in the cave. Mowgli wakes up and stands up. You can see TWO wolves standing with him. Cut, Mowgli is standing in cave's entrance with ONE wolf. (the second wolf disappeared or sublimated)

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2. Mowgli's meeting the train. The gap between plough and sleepers is too small, I think, that Mowgli couldn't get under the train in one piece.

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3. On the train's roof. Mowgli and Harrison are running to end of the train, but travellers in the window are looking in opposite direction.


4. You can see modern hair-cross when bad Buldeo tries to shoot Mowgli. I think, that guns in 1890 had no hair-cross optics.


5a. You can see smoke from the fire in scene without civilized people. Mowgli didn't know, how to make a fire.
5b. The smoke changes direction between this and next scene.


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6. The tiger scars on Mowgli's right side are missing in some scenes :-)

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7. Inside the train. How Mowgli can pull an adult man by the rope? I believe that Mowgli can be stronger than most of boys of the same age (and Jamie looks stronger too), but he can't pull somebody, who is several times heavier. It is unbelievable...

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8. Watch carefully the sequence, where Mowgli meets the train. He's on the bridge, hears the train's noise. Then he stands and sees the train. When train comes nearer, you can see the bridge isn't here.

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9. The funny scene where Chuchundra, the fat monkey owner hangs on the tree. He drops his music instrument and it falls outside the rails. In the next scenes, where he looks down, the instrument lies between the rails.

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10. At the end of the sequence where Mowgli runs through the wagon full of travellers, one of them opens the door between wagons and... the end of train! But in the next scene Mowgli runs on, into another wagon of course.

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11. You can see that Sher Khan, the tiger, is on the lead in some scenes when Mowgli is fightin' with him. (you may need a VCR with perfect still to see it) Beginning of this sequence is blue-screened, but unusually: The tiger is real and Mowgli in jungle is inserted instead of the blue background. In spite of it, Jamie is really brave. I shouldn't be one step far from an adult tiger who is on thin lead only, I think. He would be killed easily if tiger hits him by paw.


12. Mowgli is almost as tall as the adult Harrison, just after the "snake lift" scene. The behind scene picture gives you the answer: Jamie stands at the step. It was made intentionally, I think, to allow small Jamie watch to Harrison's eyes directly and vice versa.

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