The Second Jungle Book - Soundtrack

Jungle Book 2

CD Information

Track Listings

Label: JOS
Catalog #: JSCD 123
Released: 1997
Author: John Scott
Running Time: 68:35
  1. Main Title
  2. Pursued by Bogh and One Eye
  3. The Harmony of the jungle
  4. Shere Khan on the prowl
  5. The Train adventure
  6. Mowgli and Timo go hunting
  7. The Blue Danube: Johann Strauss Jr.
  8. The Bandar log
  9. Chimps on a roll
  10. Peaceful night
  11. Banished from the Wolf Cave
  12. Terro in the Lost City
  13. Captured by Kaa
  14. Circus Life
  15. Chasing the tiger
  16. Baloo rescues Mowgli from the cage
  17. Finding Timo
  18. King Murphy's Court
  19. In the Temple of the Cobras
  20. Crack shot Buldeo misses again
  21. Animals to the Rescue
  22. Snake lift
  23. Buldeo gets fired - from a cannon
  24. Harmony return to the jungle


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